What Does YHWH Require Of YHWH’s People?

ORIGINAL DATE OF PUBLICATION:         7-7-2017, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509

UPDATE: ETHIOPIC 7510, HEBREW 5778, 12-31-2017



To the glory, honor, praise and power of Oneness of Ethiopian Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Eloheinu, Ruach Kadesh, Abba Father who led and leads, and will lead me and YHWH’s people in consciousness to The Righteous Order of Melchizedec, marriage, children,  family, Jerusalem, Zion. YHWH’s Will, Faithfulness and Grace Raise Up,  Rise Up, and Move Forward!

Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari, YHWH’s people near and far, What does YHWH require of YHWH’s people?

Micah 6: 8 He has told YHWH’s people, O man, what is good? What YHWH requires of YHWH’s people, is to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with YHWH.

In the face of all matters, when Israel did, does and will face eternal life, and or eternal colonialism , daily we must choose to be in YHWH’s oneness, in one accord with YHWH.

YHWH will allow Israel to face many matters. Each matter must be judged judiciously, in YHWH’s kindness as we walk with YHWH.

In the world of sin and crimes against humanity and divinity of YHWH, there are many Balaams operating. Balaams are powers of the world, flesh and devil matrix. ( for more information about Balaam activity, Wendim Yadon, of LOJ Society has spoken about and taught many lessons posted on youtube)

There are political, religious,  economic, educational, social, art, scientific, technological, military, sex, market Balaams. They conspire together and they work together, in concert with one another.

Their intent to dominate, and control policies that were designed by the Western world, the united snakes, and their cohorts is designed to keep most of the world in a permanently subordinate political, economic, educational, social, military, technological state. Shemot-Exodus 1:6-14.

Eternal Colonialism is a book, by Benjamin and Hall,  that is highly recommended to be read and studied by every Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari.

Internal and external colonialism, and neocolonialism began in the fifteenth century  and continues to this very day. Both internal and external developments of internal, external and neocolonialism have increased over time.

Within America political, religious, economic, educational, social, art, scientific, military, sex, technology, market Balaams practice of internal colonialism within its borders and is fully engaged. The same holds true in external colonialism the united snakes practices internationally.

To understand world tensions and turmoil, one must understand that the United Snakes is the greatest of colonizers, practices colonialism within its own borders and internationally. Colonialism and neocolonialism are a part of global systematic Western domination.

The United Snakes fears oppressed Hebrews in America teaching out and joining forces with North Korea, Russia, China and Iran amongst others of the world.

YHWH commanded that YHWH’s Word be like frontlets between our eyes. This command, gives Israel, a more perfect focus, intent, life, light, way, truth and light in ruach, truth and reality. This command is found in the Shema. The Shema is comprised of three  major scriptures:

shema Israel

  1. Debarim/Deuteronomy 6:4-9
  2. Debarim/Deuteronomy 11:13-21
  3. Bamidbar/Numbers 15:37-41

To do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with YHWH, up close and personal or to the ends of YHWH’s borders, falashaed, in the Wilderness, isolated, alienated and or in the ingathering, we must first know what is just, according to YHWH.

According to the world, only a very few will truly grasp and hold fast to justice, kindness and humility according to YHWH. The world systems are by design intentionally set to deceive, steal, kill, destroy and distract YHWH’s people. Yesterday, they did so thru chatel slavery. Today they do what  they do, thru technology.

If YHWH’s people fall into the traps and snares of hasatan and his emissaries, YHWH’s people may go into bondage. The world systems are so advanced in their political, religious,  economic, educational, social, art, scientific, military, sex, technology,  “market of bondage of, in and to Balaam”. Their policies and practices are equivalent to eternal colonialism and neocolonialism. 

Study for yourself!! Their history is well documented. Their policy and practice of taking full or partial political, economic, technological, social, educational control over another country, specifically Ethiopia, occupying Ethiopia and other countries with settlers and exploiting Ethiopia and other countries economically, politically, religiously, educationally, socially, artistically, scientifically, militarily, technologically, in the market place and with the identification and activity of the people of the land is what they have done and what they do!

Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari may YHWH open our eyes and heart to see, judiciously discern and judge.

Colonialism and neocolonialism is never an equal relationship.  

YHWH is the equalizer, who sends salvation and redemption to YHWH’s people. YHWH’s choice!  

Bethlehem Ephratah, was, is and will be too small to be among the thousands of Judah, but from Bethlehem –Ephratah, someone will emerge for YHWH to be a ruler over Israel; and his origins will be from early times, from days of old.


To do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with YHWH, up close and personal or to the ends of YHWH’s borders,  in the Wilderness, falashaed, isolated, alienated and or in the ingathering, we must first study, know and then teach what is just, according to YHWH.

Consider policies and operations in the united snakes. There are mafia’s. There are mafia families such as Villaba, Sicily Italian mafia mobster, Angelo Bruno . There are “religious” Muslim mafia such as (Frank “Black Caesar” Matthews). Both were/ are major Philadelphia crime family, heroin, cocaine dealers and traffickers. Both operate in several states and supply major dealers throughout every region of the united snakes.

The DEA, is an arm of Balaam that is designed to monitor, control, enforce and subordinate drug policy, dealers and users. The DEA have and keep dossier’s on all active participates. In reality and in part the DEA provides drugs in communities.

Where would impoverished and or middle class citizens be able to get, manufacture and distribute drugs on their own?  By introducing drugs to what became and becomes known as “drug dealers”, and participants the DEA can monitor and decide who and when they will eliminate who does not comply with their agenda.

All the while the DEA deem themselves as the “justice enforcers of the land” they themselves are part and parcel of the problem.  Pharaoh’s instruction to his people was, “come let us deal wisely with them. Shemot-Exodus 1:10.  

Remember that colonialist have had many years of practice and execution of their policy, agenda, and activity. They conspire and collaborate with one another. They ensure that the participants in their schemes ‘get hooked’. They have to have a way to get Israel to curse itself.

If righteous Israel is crooked and or not just, Baalim will seek to bribe Israel into being and doing what is unjust. The injustice that they lure Israel into is unjust in YHWH’s eyes.

Luciferian Satanist, colonialist, neocolonialist herald themselves as keepers, landlords and enforcers of world justice!   EXHALE!!!!!

They provide flamboyant lifestyle, access, monitoring, vehicles, houses, travel etc. for themselves and their cohorts. Because Yosef had risen tutu second in command, he was well aware of Pharaoh- The federal government’s operations. He made provisions for his brothers and family. As priest and kings in this world or responsibility is to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with YHWH.

Pharaoh strategically plan how they seek partial and or total political, economic and other means of control over Israel specifically,  and then over all other people and countries.

Luciferian, Satanist, colonialist  occupy land with settlers and exploit the land economically, politically, religiously, educationally, socially, artistically, scientifically, militarily, in the market place, technologically. They use technology to monitor, identify and influence activity of people of the land.

Their mode of operation does not change! They must program the minds of people then and now. They will show “acts of kindness” thru the media. That is to say that there are positive benefits to media. Media is a source to obtain knowledge, transmit ideas, and information. Because media has positive benefits, that would give the impression that they are “decent” humans behind and in frontif the scene and screnes.

Their “acts of kindness”, truly is acting. They always do what they do with hidden agendas!  Media has been their mode of doing and spreading their dirt.

Bamidbar- Numbers 25:15, 18 Media Cozbi ( word, sound, power – Cosby) was the daughter of Zur the Midianite king. Shewas wife of Zimri and led him to practice idolatry. Cozbi and her husband were killed by Phinehas the grandson of Aaron. Strong concordance H3579.

Internally and externally their methods of operations have increased over time. They raise up a Hebrew in their media. Hebrews who sell their soul to Satan become eliminated by Satan.

If you read  what is written on line and in books about both of the “religious” mafia mobsters Bruno and Frank Black Caesar Matthews, you see and must  ask why is Bruno referred to in most so called “reputable research and reporting sources as a “business man”? Matthews who does thesame type activity is referred to as a “murderous drug kingpin”. Wikipedia provides  “stories”  told of both.

HOLD UP SWOLE UP! Both are criminals

In the colonialized mind and way of thinking and doing what they do, their  writers of “his-story” present the same type of people who do the same type of activity as one  “more just” more upright, of more integrity than the other.

What is the deciding factor that one would be called a business man and the other a mobster” when both do the same type of evil activity?

The world, flesh and devil system would have the world to believe that one was of more character, upright and integrity than the other.

According to YHWH, both are corrupt and are wicked.

 Israel, we must research, study, discern and know what is just, according to YHWH, and do what is just, love kindness, and walk humbly with YHWH.

The remnant of Yaacob will be in the midst of many people like dew from YHWH, like raindrops upon grass, which is not hoped for from man and not awaited from a human being. When redemption is imminent and the forces of Gog converge on Jerusalem, the remnant of Israel will be in the midst.

That was, is and will be as Power given! That is a  phenomenon as dew and rain, because no human being would or could have brought it about.

The remnant of Yaacob will be among the nations, in the midst of many peoples, like a lion among the animals of the forest and like a lion’s whelp among flocks of sheep, who, when he passes by, tramples and tears apart, and there is no rescuer. Yaacob’s hand will be raised over Yaacob’s enemies, and all Yaacob adversaries will be eliminated. All danger was, is and will be eliminated. YHWH’s word! Halleluyah!

Micah 6: 1-5  YHWH had, has and will have a grievance with His people, and He did, does and will contend with Israel. YHWH asks Israel, YHWH’s people, what wrong did YHWH do to Israel and how did YHWH tire Israel? YHWH sent Moshe, Aaron and Miriam before Israel.

YHWH wants Israel to defend it’s ingratitude for YHWH brought Israel up from the land of Mitzraim saved and redeemed, redeems and will redeem Israel from bondage. When YHWH brought and brings Israel out of bondage it is that Israel may serve YHWH in ruach, truth and reality.

Balak, king of Moab schemed and Balaam son of Beor answered Balak, from Shittim to Gilgal. Balak scheme to hire Balaam to pronounce a curse against Israel, Numbers 22:1-25;25:9, Joshua 4:19. Balaam’s plan was, is and will be to seduce Israel into immorality and idolatry.

In the Shittim, immorality and idolatry by Israel appears to have met with some measure of success. Pastor Mega Church, and street corner pork chop, deacon don’t know, must do bacon head, Rob them Rabbi, Pimpin Priest had nice, cars, houses, jobs, influence and material wealth in Shittim. Those are the steppin fletchers whogo along with Pharaoh, all the while “hock pichewin” in the pulpit, passing the playe around before and agree the “abc selections, hooping, hopping, hippin and popping. They allow elected officials to stand in their pulpits before members of their own congregation.

YHWH allows Israel to see in order to recognize true righteous acts of YHWH.

Then and now, when Israel settled in Shittim many Israelites began to build up the world, flesh and devil’s shittim.

High places of Baal, include schools, that burn our children in the fire as offerings to Baal. That is something that YHWH did not command or mention, nor did it enter YHWH’s mind.

Other high places are actors, acts and activities such as the so called judicial system that would sit itself up to judge. Those are the judges of drug trafficking and drug dealers.

The judicial system is so corrupt, that two Pennsylvania  judges were investigated and charged with taking money for bribes to send young children to prison.

Those were only two “judges” of the system that were exposed.  The financiers paid the judges with lavish retirement homes in Florida.

Politrics, judicial, religious, social, economic,  harlotry!

All ways of life of the shittim are Baalistic and against YHWH.

YHWH’s people became sick when YHWH sent the serpent to bite YHWH’s people. The serpent was sent because of harlotry, disobedience and rebellion.

Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari-how are you living? How are we doing overall, as husbands and wives? Children? a family? Tribe? Community? People? Nation? Jerusalem? Zion?

In YHWH’s faithfulness and grace, YHWH sent and provides remedy for every sickness and disease.


Ecclesiastes 3! There is a time and place for everything and everyone! Ayala Ingedashet, a. Ethiopian Israeli songstress,  sings this message in a beautiful song, sung in Hebrew.  The song is entitled “A Time to Move”.

Shemot-Exodus truly is time to move- Movement of YHWH’s people!

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Ones who are accepted by YHWH and ones who accept Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Eloheinu, Ruach Kadesh, Abba Father, HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie, who have been Falashaed, love YHWH with all heart, soul and might, and diligently teach the children. Be encouraged!

Accept and receive the Word of Truth in Yahoshua’s  name! If you have fallen down, lost your way, and or are rejected and crushed to the ground, seek for, cipher and know that Truth crushed to the ground always rises!

No matter what one is experiencing, or not, see and know YHWH’s faithfulness, kindness and grace.

We, who are YHWH’s people are to be faithful, kind and gracious to YHWH and to YHWH’s people. We are to show kindness to both the living and the dead.

If YHWH has put you in a situation where you are challenged, enticed and tested on every hand, humbly go before YHWH and seek YHWH’s face, pray, and turn from wickedness. YHWH PROMISES to heal the land. YHWH is able to heal our mental, spiritual, and physical internaland external land. YHWH is able to restore ancient paths! Isaiah 58!

YHWH is our Maker! Cipher and know who is YHWH’s people, and who is not. There are serpent seeds (CIA, FBI, Counter Intelligence, Cointel pro, internal and external agents) that seek to infiltrate, agitate, participate, inculcate, and pontificate!  The have very subtle ways to convince many to do opposite of  YHWH’s command.

YHWH’S people, YHWH commands, YHWH did not ask, YHWH commands that we are to teach our children!

Israel, the question now becomes, are we teaching our children? Please, with the justifications and many excuses and reasonings around the question. Are we teaching our children?

As long as Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari have been on the planet, where are our schools?

YHWH gives to a husband a wife who provides help as his help mate and stability for the raising and teaching of children.  YHWH is in control of all of life’s events, and it is YHWH who appoints all men and matters, it is YHWH who decrees and it is so.

Does a serpent cause death or life? We must strive towards perfection in all that we say and do. Strive towards perfection whether ones are looking at you or not.

Walk in integrity, whether others are or not, teach our children to do the same. If you find yourself in a compromising situation, and you make wrong decisions, and or you are plagued by fiery serpents, stop, repent and ask YHWH for guidance.  Bamidbar 20: 6-9 .

Pride comes before the fall. Know that YHWH sent fiery serpents against the people and they bit the people. A large multitude of Israel died.

The people came to Moshe and said, We have sinned , for we have spoken against YHWH and against you! Pray to YWHW,  that He remove from us the serpent. Moshe prayed for the people.

In YHWH’s faithfulness and grace, YHWH instructed Moshe to make for himself,  a fiery serpent and place it on a pole, and it will be that anyone who was bitten will look at it and live.  By looking upward and subjecting our hearts to YHWH in Heaven we are healed. Gaze upon the Righteous serpent, and live. If not, die.


Rise up, raise up ask YHWH for wisdom and guidance on how to overcome evil.

Israel’s Maker is Israel’s Ish. 

“YHWH Almighty” is His name- The Kadosh One of Israel is Israel’s Redeemer; he is called the Almighty of all the earth. Falashaed ones and ones, YHWH will call Israel back as if Israel were a wife deserted and a distressed ruach. A wife who married young only to be rejected”, says Israel’s Power,  “For a brief moment, I abandoned you but with deep compassion I will bring you back. In a surge of anger, I hid my face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I will have compassion on you”, says YHWH, Israel’s Redeemer. Isaiah 54:1-8.


Israel, be wise as a serpent and as humble and harmless as a Black Dove!


Waiting for YHWH’s promise of righteous marriage, children and family to be fulfilled? YHWH’s promise of righteous marriage, children and family fulfilled?  YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu guides, protects, supports, redeems, and saves the mission of the righteous family in heaven and earth.

Sometimes righteous marriage, children, family, life and love comes quickly. Sometimes righteous marriage, children, family comes eventually.

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Ihit Ahkotee, Mary Rose

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