Beware of Modern Day Duras

3-7- 2017, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509


To the glory, honor, praise and power of Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Eloheinu, Ruach Kadesh, Abba Father who led and leads, and will lead me in consciousness:

A good seed will look to YHWH for goodness, truth, righteousness, marriage, children, family, Jerusalem, Zion to rise. Beware of false prophets, preachers, pimps, players, perpetrators, politricians, powerful, duras. They will and do reveal who they and what their hidden and revealed intentions are as a result of what they do.

In Chapter 3 of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar put up a large idol made of gold for worship during a public ceremony on the plain of Dura. In today’s media, those who are put before the people, are large idols of wealth, prosperity, control, etc. = Duras. Duras project themselves as the toughest, outermost membrane of wealth, position, power and control. Duras reflect who they are and what their intentions are! The current administration,  and its colleagues promotes and puts in the media, the “Dura” of today before the people. They have and seek more wealth, position, power and control. Look at them. What do they look like? Who are their fellows? What do they promote as their “agenda”?  Who benefits from their alleged and real intent, words, silence, actions, inaction, and results? Who is hurt by their alleged and real intent, words, silence, actions, inactions, and results? They take from others who are not of them. They start fights, battles and wars to get what they want. People who do not worship them and assimilate into their world with them, they seek to destroy.

Three Hebrews named Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah who were called Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego by Nebuchadnezzar and their Dura captors, were  requested to smooth the progress of assimilation into Babylon, Babylonian culture and ways, etc. Although they were in the world, they were not of the world. Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah refused to take part in Babylonian culture and ways.  For their rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar had them thrown into a fiery furnace.  YHWH, Redeemer and Savior,  put a shamar (Hebrew for hedge) of protection around them! Daniel 3:25, they were and are protected. Nebuchadnezzar described them as “The son of YHWH”  who emerge from the furnace unscathed without even the smell of smoke.

The so called “New World Order” was an order to erect and institutionalize wickedness! The Tuskegee Experiment , planned parenthood genocide agenda and activity, chipping people with RFID chips, the Dakota Access Pipeline, flood of Oroville, their campaign of murders of thousands of Hebrew males currently being fought back with by a campaign called-“Black Lives Matter”,  are real events,   perpetrated by real demonic possessed Dura demons. Those demonic possessed duras and their “imps” are ones who wear business suits, police uniforms, merchant bibs, top of the line dresses, doctor scrubs, they teach in the school shittim, they hold local, state, federal, national and world positions, they sit as judges and their arms that lie in the court room, they construct propaganda aka “fake news” along side with what they insanely do and call “real news”, they make the “fake news” they propagandize appear as distracters away from what they are deceitfully doing along the air waves, (had any weird activity with your tele-phone, radio, internet, social media, etc. accounts lately?),  banking, economic, political, military, entertainment, sex, and social shittims,  and do other wicked activity and platforms on which they sit. They did and do attempt and intent to cast their insanity onto unsuspecting, ignorant Hebrews.

YHWH’s word to YHWH’s people is to remain separate from the world. Why did YHWH give YHWH’s people instruction to remain separate from the world?

The group of goyin and gentile dura partners, a few, who are black and brown amongst them,  who are the USA national leadership and leadership of other nations, hate YHWH. They do what they want against whoever they want. They hate YHWH, they hate YHWH’s people, they hate that we are YHWH’s people.  They, like their ancestors are always about war, deception, theft, death and destruction, not only in their own land but also abroad.

Most recently every time I go to a local Whole Foods market, a goyin, gentile seeks to ride on the elevator with me. I noticed their movement towards the elevator and steps when I move to go forward. There are “imps” that run between people who stand and talk one with another. Their “running through” and or “between people” is their mania to spiritually, mentally and physically “divide and conquer”. Their “antenna” is like a vampire looking for blood. Because they either do not have souls and or they seek to steal other souls, they set themselves up as “dealers of fate”. Notice how they may  have a coupon and not apply the credit to one person, but grant the credit to another? If you are awake, you are able to see and hear what they seek to hide. Humbly, I either allow them to go on the elevator or ask if I may go. I recognize that they know who I am. I know who they are.

Before getting out of the bed, I invoke YHWH in prayer. Prayer is so necessary, to be sustained and to be kept away from wicked one and wickedness, although we are in the world, we are not of the world. My morning Hebrew prayer is:

                        “Modei Ani, Lefaneka, Melek Wahakayom, Heh keh she’ zarta banishmatee, Behemelah, Rabbah Emonotecha.”

I gratefully thank you Living and Enduring King, for You have faithfully restored my soul. Great is Thy Faithfulness!”

 When we examine and research the issues with regards to what the USA is doing to the Sioux people, may all be able to see who is doing what.

In a previous blog entitled Righteousness Over Wickedness, we provided insight into what Nebuchadnezzar, the Duras, (ETP) Energy Transfer Partners, some of who live in Pakota, Illinois are doing to and with the Standing Rock Sioux, who live on a reservation in North and South Dakota.

May YHWH serve YHWH’s enemy’s as YHWH’s enemies have served YHWH’s people. Beware YHWH’s people of the Duras, their intent, agenda, words, deeds, impact and results.

 Waiting for YHWH’s promise of righteous marriage, children and family to be fulfilled? YHWH’s promise of righteous marriage, children and family fulfilled?  YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu guides, protects, supports, redeems, and saves the mission of the righteous family in heaven and earth. Sometimes righteous marriage, children, family, life and love comes quickly. Sometimes righteous marriage, children, family comes eventually.  Internal and external, parts of the body are able to be healed by internal and external righteous, holistic, natural elements that holistically share and promote nature, natural, love, and life. Like the word, “Chai” Raising Up The House of Judah promotes “life”. We have two new products that we provide, to support life, called “Chai” in Hebrew.

Agnes Loebek-witch.png

Agnes Lobeck, a goyin female, falsely accused Willie Brown of harassing her. He was brutally shot over 1000 times and burned to death. A Dura doing what she did, ensured the lynching of an innocent Hebrew.

Being aware of the body and the needs of the body, Raising Up The House of Judah, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu,  assists in enhancing quality of health and wellness by providing holistic, natural, organic soaps, spas, lotions, body butters, body powders, and  now Body Cream and Body Massage and Rub along with other products.

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Yes, (English) Kain (Hebrew) Awo-(Amharic) Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu get the glory, honor and praise!

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Ihit Ahkotee,   Mary Rose

Author and Owner of Raising UpThe House of Judah ( and AGHS Judah (